A little while back a security check firm from called ‘CheckPoint’ from Israel  revealed four serious vulnerability on phones using Qualcomm chips and they named it QuadRooter. Lets start by answering what’s QuadRoot

So, What is QuadRooter ?

Well, it’s four major security vulnerability found on core that handles graphics and controls communications in phones with Qualcomm chipset inside. QuadRooter vulnerabilities are found in software drivers that ship with Qualcomm chipsets.  Any Android device built using these chipsets is at risk.

What can hackers do with it ?

If a hacker successfully gets the QuadRoot access to your phone then your photos, data, contacts, and text, everything will be at risk. Your calls can be recorded too and the hacker can get access to your camera and even GPS Tracking. Sounds crazy right ?

Is your phone affected ?

Nexus-6P affected with Quadroot vulnerability.

You Can check that by using the Check Point QuadRooter Scanner App. It analyzes your Android smartphone or tablet to discover if it’s vulnerable to the newly-discovered QuadRooter vulnerabilities.

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”QuadRooter Scanner from Play Store” style=”squared” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.checkpoint.quadrooter” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#cc0000″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-android” icon_type=”fa”]


What if your phone is affected ?

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[mks_highlight color=”#ed7a71″]If your phone is affected, try not to install apps from any websites other than Google Play Store. If you find any malware activities try to ‘factory reset’ your phone.[/mks_highlight]

Like I said 900 million phones so odds are a lot of our phones might be vulnerable to exploit. So what next ? Well, we need to wait for the manufacturer to push on google security patch. Since the vulnerable drivers are pre-installed on devices at the point of manufacture, they can only be fixed by installing a patch from the distributor or carrier. Distributors and carriers issuing patches can only do so after receiving fixed driver packs from Qualcomm.  We’ve already seen some brands saying that’s exactly what they don’t do and what if you have a less expensive phone ? Sad to say,  the odds of getting the fixes are very low.
Cheer Up !  Here are  4 Tips to Prevent Hackers from gaining QuadRoot Access on your Phone. Must Read !
I don’t think apps on Google Play Store can have malware which can exploit these vulnerabilities. So Don’t worry, until and unless you install apps only from Play Store only because you wont get affected from apps downloaded from Play Store. Use your common sense, don’t install junk apps from junk websites.  Wait for security updates and other updates from your smartphone manufactures, Google and Qualcomm. Its interesting to see that  Qualcomm hadn’t responded to a request for comment at the time of writing, but the company has developed a patch that it’s now using on devices in its factories. Manufacturer-specific versions will be released in due course.



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