In short: Prisma launched their Android beta app last night, but by today evening the app has stopped working. They are denying the connection to their server.

iOS fame Russian photo editing app Prisma launched their Android beta version yesterday. It worked fine in most of the Android phones. But later today the connection went down, the app needs to connect to their server in order to edit the photos. But the prisma servers were denying the connection.

At first we thought the app probably has a limit on the number of pictures you could filter before it expires on your device, as it was a beta version. We tried on few other phones, we were able to take photos, but once we clicked the filters it started showing ” Thank you for trying beta. Please wait for the official release. ”

Reasons ?

Maybe because the release dates are nearing. Or, they might have got the matrices on performance of the app.
You can still download the beta app here, but its of no use as you cannot edit the photos. So the best option  is to wait  😀


My First PRISMA #prisma #prismaandroid Download:

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