IN Short : Nvidia partnering with Zotac did their first #GamerConnect event in Trivandrum,on July 22, at SP Grand Days. The main attraction of the event was GTX 980Ti and HTC VIVE .

We had Mr Yogesh Nagdav, gaming evangelist and Mr Naqui Ahamed from NVIDIA as our hosts. More than 70 gamers attended the first event of its kind in Trivandrum and we’re all positively delighted. Mr Ahmed explained about the latest 10 series graphics cards including GTX 1080, GTX 1070 & GTX 1060  and how they perform better than 9 series graphics cards.

We also had an ‘ experience session’ where  we got a chance to experience the VR power of GTX 980Ti using HTC VIVE. That was so exiting. Special thanks to Nvidia for that VR Session.

There were small quizzes and Q&A session where in we got awesome Nvidia and Zotac merchandise as gifts. Our team also won some cool stuffs. We thank Nvidia and Zotac for bringing this event to Trivandrum for the first time.
Nvidia Gamers Connect is a great event and if you ever get a chance to visit don’t waste that opportunity.

Huge shoutout to NVIDIA and ZOTAC for making this event happen and yes, we’re all set for the next #GamerConnect

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