In short: After Prisma another camera app is here with AI. That is Microsoft Pix. Microsoft just launched a camera app which uses Artificial Intelligence like prisma to edit photos. It uses AI to track humans, other elements, to increase brightness just where it is required.

Here’s the gist of it: You take an image, and Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust your camera settings to best fit the scene.

There are no exposure controls, no HDR-specific mode, no settings whatsoever. Just point and shoot, and all the processing  immediately.

Microsoft says Pix works as if your photos were taken and chosen by a professional photographer.

For example, here’s a photo taken on iPhone camera app.

Now take a look at the photo taken on Microsoft Pix. The brightness adjustment in photo was automatically done by Microsoft Pix

Awesome! Right? Pix just didn’t increased the total brightness of the photo. Instead, it used Artificial Intelligence to do selective brightness.

Now take a look at another example. Here also the editing is done by the Artificial Intelligence if Microsoft Pix.

Here, Pix detected those humans and tried to adjust the brightness and contrast selectively in order to hilight them.

So intelligent. This app may be the next trend after Pokémon Go and Prisma.

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