After iPhone and Xiaomi, a brand new Galaxy Note 7 catches fire unexpectedly. But, In this case we cannot put the blame on Samsung completely.

The above photos posted by an owner of a Galaxy Note 7 on Baidu claims that, the device caught fire and fried while it was changing.

So, Here’s the story.

The phone is covered with  a  thick plastic case, on which probably kept the heat in.

He used a normal USB charger with USB Type C adapter
He used a normal USB charger with USB Type C adapter

Also, the main reason is that, As you can see in one image the user shows, he or she was using an old micro USB cable with the Samsung provided USB Type C adapter, the power brick is also unknown. If the power brick is non Samsung, well that may be the reason.

It is always recommend to use the provided power brick but if it’s not possible, make sure the 3rd party one is from a reputable brand that meets the power standards of your phone.


In the case of phones like Note 7 which has Fast Charging capabilities which pumps high load of current to the battery, it need the best quality cables. It’s recommended to use the company provided chargers.

At the end of the day, Third party cables and chargers are often to blame in such scenarios. So of you are choosing 3rd party chargers always do your research and stay away from the cheap ones.


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