Apple unveils new “HomePod” to take on Alexa and Google Home.  In a movement to control the IoT sector, Apple unveils it’s new HomePod – a smart speaker for your home. HomePod uses an A8 chip, making it the smartest speaker ever to analyze it’s surroundings and project sound to reflect off walls to give a better listerning experience. The HomePod has seven tweeters, six microphones and a woofer which is controlled by the chip which is said to Rock The House. It has Siri and Apple Music and works with other apps to control Apple Homekit products and also to bring you everything from podcasts to weather and traffic. It can pair with other Airplay 2 speakers or you can pair two HomePod speakers wirelessly in one room. The HomePods are priced at $349 and will be available in the US, UK and Australia. HomePod is one among 10 Key Points from Apple #WWDC2017 Keynote.

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