AMD slashed the pricing of the Radeon Rx 480

In Short : AMD has again slashed the price for Radeon RX 480, Making it more affordable and a tight competition for Nvidia GTX 1060.

Latest Pricing in India as of 26 July.

  • 4GB : ₹20990
  • 8GB : ₹22990

AMD launched the RX 480 in India last month, at that time the launching pricing was

  • 4 GB : ₹24990 ( US: ₹13,333 )
  • 8 GB : ₹28990 ( US: ₹15,410 )

This made Indian gamers angry, and most of the Gamers including us wrote the letter to AMD pointing that the pricing was not fair. 

AMD understood the issue and sloved the issue by slashing the price by ₹ 2000 for both models.
So after the first price slash the pricing is as follows,

  • 4 GB : ₹22990
  • 8 GB : ₹26990

Credits: Engadget

On, 10 July Nvidia launched their VR Ready GTX 1060 in an unbeatable price of ₹22900 for 6GB variant. This made a tight competition for AMD Radeon RX 480. As the Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB variant was ₹90 cheaper than the RX 480 4GB Variant. 😂

This is what provoked AMD to reduce the price of RX 480 again.

Latest Pricingis as follows:

  • RX 480 (4GB) : ₹20990 (US: $199)
  • GTX 1060 (6GB): ₹22900 (US:$249)
  • RX 480 (8 GB): ₹22990 (US: $230)

There is only a mere difference in the pricing of 6GB variant of GTX 1060 and 8GB variant of RX 480. This is a big dilemma for gamers as the performance and pricings is toe to toe for these graphics cards. 

It’s interesting to see that the pricing of both models of RX 480 is including the duty, freight, distribution margin and VAT. Cool Right ? 😎

The quick response and reduction in price can be seen as a firm statement of intent from AMD and should help mitigate the backlash faced by the original pricing and the launching of GTX 1060. 

Nvidia is already planning to reduce the of GTX 1060. So the best decision is to wait, wait and wait 😁


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