[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]O[/mks_dropcap]nePlus company entered the smartphone industry with just one phone. That 299$ phone was so popular among the geeks and nerds. One plus got the right kick-start and gained moment, later they launched the OnePlus 2 which was a bit disappointing phone.

But now the game have changed, especially in India, a lot of Chinese brands like Letv and Xiaomi have entered the game. Once again one plus is back with another flagship killer, the OnePlus 3. Which is, according to me, way better than its predecessor OnePlus 2.


So here are the 5 reasons why one plus is bang for the buck

1)Snapdragon 820 + Adreno 530 + 1080p screen =👌💪

This is the perfect mix of hardware for the best performance coupling it with the stock like Oxygen OS, the phone is buttery smooth even with intense applications.

The Adreno 530 is able to give more frame rates because its rendering in 1080p.

Unlike the Snapdragon 810 , the 820 is more optimized for better battery life and performance and dissipate less heat


2) The AMOLED Screen 📱

OnePlus has swapped out a standard thirsty LCD screen for a frugal and nicer looking AMOLED screen, which doesn’t consume any power when showing black colours. And I ❤ AMOLED Screen because they are so pleasing to look at. They have deep black and vivid colors.

  • Why qHD screen is not a big deal ?
    Ya, qHD screens are the best to look especially if it is AMOLED Screen. Everyone is criticising the OnePlus 3 for not having qHD. But qHD screens drain more power and gives less frame rates compared to a 1080p screen. That’s why even the iPhone 6s + is not having a qHD screen.


3) The Camera 📸

For the first time OnePlus packs a great camera with great optics and a fast app.

Even though it is protrude out the back of the phone. The sensor is too small compared to other flagship smartphones. The 16-megapixel Sony IMX298, a 1/2.8” sensor, which works out to a pixel size of 1.12 micron is a decent camera for its price. It’s able to give will exposed photos with decent dynamic range, the colors are represented very well in most conditions and images turn out quite sharp even in low light.

The videos are better than OnePlus 2 but the bit rates are little low.

The Selfie camera gets a huge bump and it’s of the best in its price range.



4) 🔋Super cool Fast Charging🔌 !

We’ve seen Quick Charge from Qualcomm, Turbo Charge from Motorola and a hell lot of other.
OnePlus 3 is here with DASH Charge, It promises to provide 63% of a full charge in just 30 minutes of charging without heating up.

(Quick Charge 3.0 gives up to 80%in 35 minutes). But that’s not the attraction here. DASH Charge is able to give a stable and consistent output of 5V/4A for 20W. This means fast charging even while intensive use. Also with DASH Charge, OnePlus have have moved a lot of components to the charger brick. Which helped in significantly reducing the heat dissipation while charging. Making the process COOL😎



[mks_one_half][mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Even though OnePlus 3 dosen’t beat Galaxy s7 or iPhone 6s, its worth for its price. Truly bang for the buck ! [/mks_pullquote][/mks_one_half]


5) Design & Features

The design of the phone improved a lot from OnePlus 2, they removed the sandstone back and went for an all aluminum body which makes it feel so premium. OnePlus has given the phone a brushed finish and subtle curvature on the back, which means that despite its large size, the phone fits rather comfortably in your hands.

Other features include
NFC, 6GB Ram, USB Type -C



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