10 Unknown Facts About Jio

Mukesh Ambani has launched Reliance Jio services. Jio is the game changer, it offers the lowest data and voice rates in the world. This is really gonna be a new revolution, helping India to connect much faster and cheaper,  and a great competition in the world of the telecom industry.

As you all know they offer,

1. Free Calls

2. Free Surfing at Nights (Only from 2 a.m to 5 a.m)

So, here are  the remaining 8  Facts about Reliance Jio
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3. Jio has the Largest fiber optic network in India

Jio has laid more than 250,000 kms of Optical Fiber Cable across India, also they have installed more than 90,000 4G LTE towers out of which a few are ‘ Eco-Friendly’ towers.

Technically speaking, the optical fiber cables laid by Jio has 288 individual fibers in it, 90 at some places. Most of the others are still using the old cables with 12 or 24 fibers in it. More fibers means, more bandwidth, which means more speed.

It’s interesting to see that Reliance has invested such a huge amount to make a world class infrastructure for Jio. This is an unprecedented feat in Indian mobile network industry. Most other companies do not lay such large amount of cables, instead, they depend on agreement with various other companies who own fiber networks. Apart from this, Jio also has access to the cables laid by Reliance communications.


4. The Eco-Friendly Towers

Eco-friendly 4G Towers by Reliance Jio

They have erected mobile towers that look like trees. So, they blend into the surrounding helping it maintain the beauty.

5. They own two international submarine cable landing stations.

Reliance own two international submarine cable landing stations

  • Bay of Bengal Gateway: They are part of this 8000KM long submarine fiber optic cable which connects Malaysia and Singapore to Chennai.
  • Asia Africa Europe One submarine cable system: They are part of a 20000KM long cable which connects Europe to Mumbai. This cable has 32-40 terabit per second capacity against the Airtel’s cable system of 3.84 tbps.

6. The only company to have 4G spectrum in all 22 zones.

  • Jio: 22
  • Airtel: 15
  • Idea: 10
  • Vodafone: 08

So as of now, they are the only company which can give 4g all over India.

7. They only have 4G

This is good for both company and users

  • The company can fully focus on one technology instead of maintaining 2G+3G+4G at all places.
  • It is cheaper as they have only one service

Investment for Reliance Jio
8. Investment

In the last couple of years, JIO has already spent almost as much as the major telecom firms, like Bharti Airtel Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd and Vodafone India Ltd, have spent over the past more than 20 years of being in operations.

9. BroadBand Connections to Homes?

Jio is not just about 4G, since they have world class infrastructure as their backbone, its sure that they can give BroadBand to Homes

Jio Connections to homes

10. Digital verification, activation

Jio is planning to make the process of getting the SIM very easy and fast. They are planning for easy signup. Ambani said that it currently takes about 24 hours to get the new connection active. But with Jio services, users can get their numbers activated within 15 minutes. Jio has implemented an e-KYC system, which allows users with Aadhar cards to get their SIM cards instantly.

Get-Jio-SIM-with Aadhar-Card


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