Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10 known as ‘Windows 10 S’. It is an attempt to strip down Windows 10 and compete with Google’s increasingly popular ChromeOS in budget, business and education sectors. Just like Google’s Chrome OS, Windows 10 S is fairly locked down and you’ll only be able to run apps from the Windows Store. It has several let downs from it’s bigger brother so that it can be more optimized and secure. From the perspective of a non-tech-savvy user, this thing is fast and secure and packs everything for his or her needs.
So, here we list down 10 things to know about Windows 10 S

  1. Only Windows Store Apps will work.

    I think this is the worst thing about Windows 10 S. It’s locked to work only with Windows Store apps. But, most of the Desktop apps like the Chrome and Photoshop are not yet available on the Windows 10 App Store. We can feel the scarcity of apps in that store even before opening it.

  2. More Secure and Optimised.

    As you heard already, apps can only be downloaded from the App Store, this means apps will be more optimized in terms of both performance and security. Microsoft will have direct control over apps like what Google has on Play Store apps.  This will help them tackle malware and unnecessary apps from running at boot up and unnecessarily using the system resources.

  3. More Battery Life.

    The optimization in the apps and operating system will result in a better battery life. This will help students to use their laptop for the majority of the day. The browser is locked to ‘Microsoft Edge’ browser, which is highly optimized for low battery usage. Microsoft has already got famous for its power efficient Microsoft Edge Browser ( and the fast and responsive Internet Explorer). Since this OS is designed for light users, the responsiveness and battery life will be a deciding factor. And I think Windows 10 S will outperform the ChromeOS in the battery segment.

  4. Everything Microsoft ( The browser, The search engine…)

    In order to compete with Google Chrome and Google itself, Microsoft has set the default browser to ‘Microsoft Edge’ and the default search engine to and not Google. If you want to get google, you should bing it every time on The pro side of this? Well, If you are a Microsoft fanboy then you will be having a sweet and pleasant experience.

  5. Everything “Cloud”

    Windows 10 S integrates with OneDrive so files are saved to the cloud, in sync and accessible from your devices. You can use compatible apps available from the Windows Store. This feature is copied from Google ChromeOS, but still, it’s useful, especially for students to share notes and for that guy who make PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft ads, it automatically backs up all the files to the cloud.

  6. Windows 10S can be upgraded to Windows 10 PRO

    So, If you are getting bored with that locked down Windows 10S or if you want to run a desktop app then, you have the option to upgrade the Windows 10S to Windows 10 Pro version for just $49. By doing this you get the access to use desktop apps (like Chrome). But there may be some hiccups in the performance and battery life of the device, especially if it is a low-end device. I think it’s the best decision to make if you get a Windows 10S Machine.

  7. A Big Issue!

    Microsoft has locked the browser and the search engine, but that can be fixed by letting Chrome or Opera release a Windows Store version of their web browsers. But that’s not the case.
    In a statement told to MSPoweruser Microsoft  said:

    Windows Store apps that browse the web must use HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows Platform. All Windows Store content is certified by Microsoft to help ensure a quality experience and keep your devices safer…If people would like to access apps from other stores and services, they can switch to Windows 10 Pro at any time.

    This means Chrome will have to use engines provided by Microsoft, they have done it in the past for iOS wherein they used the WebKit as the base for Chrome on iOS rather than its own Blink engine which they use on Android platform. But iOS is a big niche compared to Windows 10 S so there’s far more pressure for Google to be on iPhones and iPads than PCs running a new niche Windows operating system.

  8. What does “S” stands for?

    No Idea!

  9. Conclusion

    Windows 10S will be a success in entry level laptop/PC segment where first-time buyers will mostly choose Windows instead of ChromeOS because of Microsoft’s credibility. This will make Windows laptops cheaper, especially in developing countries like India. The optimization and locked app will improve the performance on low-end machines. This will give a smooth experience which you won’t normally get in this segment.

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