So, Finally Apple launched their  new  iPhone, the iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As you probably noticed a lot of the leaks are true. But, there are few surprises. We are listing down 10 New Features of the iPhone 7

1. The New Design

The iPhone 7 almost looks like the old iPhone, but with some improvements, like the change in the antenna band. Most importantly the new colours.

The Black ( Matte ) and Jet Black (Glossy)


2. The Home Button

The new home Button is not a button actually, its just somthing like the track pads in the new MackBooks. It doesn’t click any more. Its a solid glass button with pressure sensitivity. There is a Taptic Engine behind the button which makes us feel like clicking, but actually it doesn’t click.


3. Water Resistant

The iPhone 7 is officially water resistant. Even though the iPhone 6 /6s were good in water resistance and the new iPhone, is best in that. It can withstand under 1m depth for 30 minutes !

You can have shower with it !

The new iphone 7 is water Resistant-

4. The New Camera  Cameras !

  • OIS
  • F 1.8 Aperture
  • New Image Processing Chip
  • Fancy, Quad LED Flash
  • RAW Image
  • 4k and Slo-Motion Video

And… the super sexy Camera Bump

There is also a new 7 Mega Pixel camera in the front, which is apparently one of the best selfie camera out there.

The new iphone 7 has dual cameras

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2x Camera, which is perfect for portraits and long distance subjects. This is the major upgrade on the iPhone 7 . The camera is insanely good, I meant one of the best out there.

5. The Display.

There nothing fancy  about the display, No QHD, No OLED. But,

  • 25% Brighter
  • Has a wider color gamma ( Colors will “POP Out” )

6. Stereo Speakers.

I think this is the coolest upgrade on the iPhone 7 over every other flagships out there. The Stereo Speakers takes media consumption to a next level, especially on the iPhone 7 Plus. But, one speaker is down firing and the other one is front facing.

7. Lightning Ear-pods.


Its sad to say that apple killed the Head Phone jack. Shockingly, Apple is including it with the phone and not gonna charge you $100 for that  as an accessory. Good Job Apple !


Via Dude I’m Stoned

Don’t worry,  Apple Sells a Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter, that too for  9 $

8. Air Pods.

The look so sick, like the ear-pods with wires. They are light weight. The come in a charging battery case. Also, there is a touch sensitive back so you can double tap to activate Siri. And flirt with her on the fly !

They are cheap! Just $160


9. The A10 chip.

The new processor on the iPhone is 120 times faster than that on the original iPhone. The new Quad Core chip works like two seperate dual core chips. The first two cores are designed for performance. The next two chips are designed for battery  saving. They switch back and forth depending on your use.

Faster than A9, but uses two-thirds less power


10. The 16 GB Model is dead !

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